Is it ok for me to upload a preprint to Arxiv which uses MDPIs latex template? can I ask to remove my name from the article authors list, before the manuscript is accepted? As an academic publisher, we rely on members of the research community to make important decisions about author submissions. If the SI GE made the shot, sending the paper to another SI led by the same GE in another MDPI journal might be risky for us, and may lead to the same result. You should improve your manuscript based on the feedback provided by the reviewers. If the paper was rejected because it did not fall within the scope of the Special Issue, then you can resubmit to a Special Issue that is more fitting. The different versions of your manuscript are tracked in SuSy. I submitted the manuscipt on 30th May 2022 to Journal of Clinical Medicine, now more than 5 weeks passed but status in the system still under review. In 2022, the average Article Processing Charge (APC), based on list price, was approximately CHF 1935. If artice is accepted for the publlication the total Artice Publishing charges will be imposed to my co-author or it will be partially imposed to him/her? My manuscript has been submitted to Remote Sensing remotesensing-2204341 on January 21, 2023. Currently, I am formatting my manuscript with the For Review template provided by Social Science. However, please note that this is dependent on the Academic Editors workload. All the editorial, production, and invoicing steps are managed using MDPIs SuSy and are performed by in-house employees, largely using software created and maintained by MDPI. After major revisions, when replied to all the comments of the reviewers, and system says upload the manuscript.. after uploading it shows the status of Resubmitted. Your paper is actually going through an open peer review. There may be delays based on the Academic Editors workload and availability upon a decision request. Another reason for addition was that, my supervisor don`t like rejection. As MDPI is processing your manuscript, it will be assigned different statuses. Will you please let us know how much time will it take to give the decision? The full list of MDPI journals is available here. But there is no update from the editor or journal. An abstract is a short summary of your research. what is the chance for publication ? I am getting worried about the delay. If you have introduced an error in the proofreading stage, it is important for you to reach out to the editorial office and the Assistant Editor who is handling your manuscript to inform them of this. In fact JCM said the average time for peer review just around 3 weeks! Also another point, the process is so long than before do you know why? mdpi publication . No changes can be made at any point in the publishing process. one reviewer gave major revision and another reviwer gave minor. Were conducting an investigation into how this happened. They will advise you of the decision and any action that you need to take. Final Decision to accept or reject my paper, is it based purely on the Review Report of Additional Reviewers (Round 2) only? MDPIpending decisionunder reviewpending decision. They should respond within 1-2 working days. Please could you get in touch with the journals Editorial Office? i submitted my paper in mdpi energies special issue on 26 september 2022 and my status is remain same as pending for your untill today. Hi Ivana. Thank you for your comment. If you have any questions specific to your paper, please reach out to the Assistant Editor assigned to your manuscript. the manuscript has the ID number of jrfm-1985894 My paper has accepted for publishing. MDPI waives around a quarter of its APCs every year and offers one of the most affordable pricing structures in the commercial publishing landscape. Thank you. As an author, you will receive email updates when you need to take action. As for the Arxiv submission process, you can refer to their advice on this matter. hello, I resubmitted the revised version and the status is under pending editor decision from 17 June, as I know the decision will take 2 days. The Pending decision status usually takes 1-2 days. Hi, You can find their details on the journal webpage. From sharing the latest MDPI blog news, to showcasing our most popular articles, the newsletters will keep you in the loop with everything good going on in the science world. However, we know that authors have multiple responsibilities as researchers, and we aim to be flexible as part of our high-quality publishing service experience. In open peer review, the reviews are published online when the manuscript is. If they were planning to not accept my changes. JAMS is the submission system behind MDPI's journals. Plagiarism is not acceptable in MDPI journals. Still, I havent gotten any requests for minor or major changes. Hi Amir, you can find information on MDPIs correction and retractions policy here:, I have submitted my research article on 8th aug. the status is still coming as pending for review. . Thank you. Mistakes do happen and we have a system in place to keep published research up to date and accurate. Warm greeting, My name is Alvian Toto Wibisono. Please do the needful. Make sure to share any further questions in the comments. Youre right, our estimate for this stage is 1-2 working days. The reviewer is given 15 days to submit their review. Unfortunately, I found one correction didnt match which i told like just adding three words in literature section. If you still dont notice any updates, please get back in touch. In this case, you can add the full name in brackets after the initials. In rare cases, reviewers do need a bit more time to assess the manuscript and make changes. The review time specified in the journal guidelines is 12.4 days. Please forward our message to the senior members and discuss our issue to solve this problem on time. Otherwise, you can keep up to date with the status of your paper by checking SuSy, MDPIs submission system. So, I have plan to add his name once my paper go to review stage. I would like to know the status of our manuscript jcm-2211571 Usually, I find that the rejected ones actually needed more work and the ones that were published were good. Moreover, We have asked such issues to Assistant Editor and IJERPH Editorial Office multiple times via email. Hi, For Instance I am not a IOAP institue author, but one of my co-author is correspondent to IOAP institute, and the payment mode for his/her IOAP institute is centralised to the university. If the manuscript was rejected, we would greatly appreciate it if authors could inform the new journals Editorial Office in advance of submitting. Unfortunately, they both have not yet answered. It will include instructions and insight related to next steps. Hi, Hello. On 14 Nov 2022, I could see all the R three Peer Review Reports (Round -1). Reviewers who accept a review invitation are provided 7-10 days to write their review via our online platform, SuSy. This stage involves reaching out to reviewers who are experts in the field. If it takes any longer than 24 hours, the Assistant Editor will contact you to let you know. Excuse me, if this status is Pending editor decision, how many days will it take to make a decision? The APCs currently range from 1000 CHF to 2400 CHF (Swiss Francs). Thanks for reaching out. If your paper is still being processed (i.e., in one of the many processing stages such as Pending review or Pending editor decision), then you can contact the journals Editorial Office. This stage usually takes 1-5 business days. Rather, it refers to the final decision by the Editor-in-Chief (EIC). Please help me out of this situation. In most cases, the MDPI peer review process is single-blind, meaning that authors dont know who the reviewers are. Authorship details are added during the initial submission, and all co-authors should double-check the initial manuscript. This is because authors, reviewers, and Academic Editors in different fields of research have their own needs and expectations. Please get in touch with the journals Editorial Office, and they will update this for you. However, as this is something youre concerned about, you can contact the Editorial Office directly. This is done in much the same way as when you initially uploaded your paper. Please note that, if there are reviewer recommendations that have not been sufficiently addressed after two rounds of revisions, rejections or resubmissions may be warranted. However, the status of my submitted article is in the pending decision. You can find their details by clicking Editorial Office on the left-hand column of the journal webpage. Because we maintain a very quick publishing service, we do not offer expedited peer review. This depends on the nature of the update. Dear Ms. Bosworth, Can you please specify that on average how long does a Revised version review take for a paper after major revision? I have a concern regarding MDPi policies. If you find yourself waiting for more than a week, you may wish to contact the Assistant Editor. Hello, A final decision is now being made about your paper. What Does My MDPI Manuscript Status Mean? Once you have reviewed this, please get in touch with the Veterinary Sciences Editorial Office. If the status says xml2pdf done after that how much time it takes for online publication of article ?? They can give you the details. Thanks a lot. Here are the MDPI submission statuses that you might encounter on the SuSy platform. I submitted my manuscript for the Diagnostic Journal Under Special Issues / Applications of AI in ECG on Oct 20,2022. Today I checked as its changed to Pending decision and I see peer reviewers comments. We always try to provide a decision as soon as possible, but we rely on external academic editors for that. or Will there be any weightage with regard to the Review Report sent by Round-1 Reviewers? I would encourage you to contact the Academic Editor for any missed updates. If you are still unsure, you can use our new Journal Selector tool or contact the journals Editorial Office. The reviewers are chosen for their expertise by the Academic Editor and Assistant Editor. Your paper should currently appear as a PDF online. What will be process after such condition and what have to discuss with editor. Hello dear Katherine Bosworth, My name is Dr. Shams. Since the date of submission, the manuscript is still under the Review status. You can certainly reach out to the Managing Editor and inform them of this issue. Pending decision = A first assessment will be made by the Academic Editor. As this point is not clear in the website i submitted my paper in processes and they assigned me 2 reviwers . Delays may be a bit longer if the Managing Editor needs to double-check any information. Hello Waqas, many thanks for getting in touch! For questions about individual submissions, we recommend contacting the Editorial Office of the journal. can you please tell about this? Your paper will be published in under 24 hours. Hello, I am the author who submitted the thesis to horticulturae. No need to worry. How can we change or update the uploaded version? May I know why is it so? Please check your emails. Please get in touch with the editor assigned to your manuscript about this issue. I want to ask what if the different between abstract submission deadline and manuscript submission deadline ? I submitted the manuscript 5 days ago but still, but it is showing Pending Review Ive read that pending review takes around a few days and I should contact you if it takes more than 5 days. Apologies that you have been waiting longer than expected. The charge will therefore be dealt with by your colleagues institution. If youre still waiting after a week, please could you get in touch with the Editorial Office? Please send it to the assistant editor assigned, she/he will guide you. Hi This is your very last chance to edit the paper. Sometimes, this can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks. MDPI is a different publisher. Some may have other commitments, meaning that the reviews are submitted late. You can use any number of discount vouchers from MDPI peer review. Im concerned since its been 25 days and I havent heard a response from the journal side or from my assigned editor side. The information from, the abstract submission deadline is July 31, 2022, but I am still doing my research until next month. You can find more information about MDPI manuscript statuses in our handy blog article. 2- Did I receive email if the current status change to Pending major or miner. This is highly unusual and I am following this up on your behalf. The papers got desk rejections and the same work is not accepted by IEEE Q1 journals. The same reviewers from the first review will take another look at your manuscript. Something that authors often worry about is manuscript rejection. MDPI Journals A-Z Information & Guidelines Initiatives About Login Register Submit Guidelines for Reviewers Instructions for Authors . second, can we re-submit on the same journal as Energies if the editor suggests to withdraw? This problem cant affect or confuse the result and description. The journal staff aim to find expert reviewers within a week, but it can sometimes take longer to find the right match. Upon completion of the production steps, the article will be available online. Respeceted Sir, Yes, when a manuscript is rejected, authors are free to submit it to any other journal. Not necessarily. In many MDPI journals, Academic Editors who have made the acceptance decision for a manuscript, after full peer-review, have the option to include their name and role as the Academic Editor on the published manuscript. Hi Kanagavel, thanks for getting in touch. English correction done = The paper has been edited for English, which takes about 24 hours. Now I want to change the submission issue in the same journal, Is this possible to change our submission issue during under review in the same journal? While submitting the paper, I pasted an abstract directly from my latex editor that contains dollar signs $ before a number. How much do I need to revise it to resubmit it to the SI? Id encourage you to get in touch with the Editorial Office soon to make this happen. I submitted my article on January 4, 2023, with the manuscript ID of polymers-2173405 on journal polymers . It is up to you how you use the MDPI templates. Once again, my submission status was figured as Under Review. Hi! This is at the Academic Editor's discretion. Pending review = The paper is due to be pre-checked. Hi, Many reviewers of traditional journals agree to review but do not deliver ON TIME. Here is a short video on manuscript status in Editorial Manager, and some additional articles on the manuscript submission process. Hi, I submitted my manuscript 29, July. I encourage you to take a look at the Under review section in this article. I havent checked my status for two weeks since it was Under Review. This is inclusive of weekends and holidays. Hi I have a question about the manuscript (vetsci-10-00142). Can the author request to change the reviewer after receiving their comments? . If you need more details about your case, in particular, the assistant editor assigned to your manuscript can help with that. Do I have to write the names of all authors, author affiliations, and funders in my manuscript? Please get in touch with the journals Editorial Office if you are struggling to meet the submission deadline. Yes, you can resubmit! Could you like to help me to solve this problem? Thank you. Once the journal has accepted your manuscript for publication, the final steps will be completed. Please note that the paper was not peer-reviewed at all, which we find really odd, because some other journals with 3 times higher Impact factors and twice rejection rates, at least gave us the chance to be peer-reviewed. Thank you very much. You can their find contact information on the journals homepage. This is usually completed within 24 hours. One of our core values at MDPI is the speed at which we publish. pending editor decisionpeer revieweditorial memberfinal decisionmdpi. Papers are submitted via SuSy (MDPIs Submission System), at Hi, If youre having trouble accessing this, please feel free to contact the journals Editorial Office. Yes, thats correct. To find out more about specific papers, you can access the feedback on SuSy, and follow up with the journals Editorial Office if you require further details. The journal staff aim to find suitable reviewers in one week, but this depends on the research field and the availability of reviewers at that time. Please get in touch with the journals Editorial Office. We want to change it later if we get aceept result. If you know that you wont be able to make a deadline, you should contact the Assistant Editor (Editorial Office) to ask for more time. You can find out more in our article on MDPIs name change policy. can you please tell me the reason why it has been rejected, so that i can correct it and resubmit it. I went through the portal today and saw that the editors decision is to ask for additional review I am confused what does it mean. I want to submit the manuscript to Social Science. Nonetheless, no responses have been obtained from the journal, leaving us in a frustration. They may be able to suggest other options. Hi, we submitted a paper in Agronomy journal almost 2 months ago. Plz, reply me. From sharing the latest MDPI blog news, to showcasing our most popular articles, the newsletters will keep you in the loop with everything good going on in the science world. Thanks a lot for your time! The manuscript will be linked to the previous submission in SuSy. If youre struggling with this, you can reach out to the Academic Editor assigned to your paper, who can add the vouchers before the paper is accepted. summer box lacrosse leagues, south jersey obituaries,